Medicare: good news and scam alert:

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Medicare: good news and scam alert:
thanks to Jim Hermiston for making me aware of this.

Subject: Medicare

Beware and pass along for the widest dissemination!!!
Subject: Medicare
Medicare Cards without Social Security Numbers Coming in 2018 Office of the Inspector General, SSA
Here's what you need to know to protect yourself, family and friends throughout the US.
Starting 4/1/18 Medicare will start a year long project to replace all current Medicare cards for beneficiaries to convert to alphanumeric ID numbers. Currently the ID number is your social security number. This is starting to hit the media.
Scammers are opportunistic
First of all the new Medicare card will come to you in the mail.
You don't need to request it or do anything. It will show up.
Somebody from "MEDICARE " will call to tell you you are getting a new Medicare card. But until it comes you will need a temporary card. Fee for the card is between $5-50 dollars. They want personal information, bank account or credit card so they can process your temporary card.
Medicare will never call you unless you ask them to.
Medicare does all communications by mail unless you ask them to call.
Ditto for anybody saying they "work with Medicare to make sure you get everything you are entitled to." Scammer

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